Ambilight Clone

Yet another ambilight clone amongst all others!

Did get alot of issues and troubles, so my journey making this was not flawless as all others was.


  • 100 x WS2801 Leds.
  • 1 x Arduino Uno or equivalent.
  • 1 x 100 Watt/20A PSU, overkill but better be on the safe side!
  • Cables.

So after searching for the "best" guide to build this, i have taken some information from several places and the came to my own conclusion.

Awesome guideline -> team-mediaportal

Hyperion WIKI -> Hyperion


Borrowed from adafruit.

Burn the program for the Arduino (LEDstream).


Install Hyperion on OpenElec

curl -L --output --get
sh ./

Afterwards change the effects path, it's different for OpeneElec.

"effects" :
        "paths" :

My settings for Hyperion.
Make sure you get the right type and output!

"device" :
    "name"       : "MyHyperionConfig",
    "type"       : "adalight",
    "output"     : "/dev/ttyACM0",
    "rate"     : 115200,
    "delayAfterConnect"     : 0,
    "colorOrder" : "rgb"

Remeber, if you make changes to the HyperCon settings, make sure they are right with the tweaks you do. Note: i did forget to set the effects path several times in HyperCon and that made all the effects to not show.


  • Symptom: LED's flickering randomly.
  • Cause: Too low amp's from the psu and/or too thin wire.

  • Symptom: Nothing works when all connected.
  • Cause: Double check Hyperion settings, right devices selected?

  • Symptom: Still not working, all settings are fine.
  • Cause: Same baudrate put in Hyperion AND Arduino sketch?