EVE Online CMS

To be honest i do not really know what to call it!


It's not a pure CMS system but it has fucntions from it, also alot is incorporated to use the IGB.
If you do not know what IGB is do not bother anymore!


Most authentication is made with the IGB headers, it fetches all relevant information so that the site can customise the experience from the current user that is visiting it.
Headers is the key, while headers are not the most secure way to authenticate there is a "global" key to be entered before continueing further.

Still not the best way to do it but the only way at the moment, altho another layer of security is added for the webmaster called "LOGS"!
What better is there to see who made what and where and from what IP and exactly what was done.


I know Forums have been added for corporations in EVE, but there is one here aswell if the synergy is wanted of the site.
Example, Direcotr Jensen logs in, deletes a thread from the forums, the log will say "Jensen | Forum | Deleted | Thread This was my THREAD" Where | is seperated by TAB style.


Oh yeah.
Member control is key, at most places/websites, registration occurs when you actually register at the site.
But this "CMS" has another approach, if a character is in the same corporation as the site is configurerd for, they will be automagically registererd.

Later in the overview of members, you can assign access roles to the individual members or you can control what groups will have access to some areas, depending on their corporation role.

Even a logger for when members log on, thus making a chart showing the general online awareness. Making it easy to see when the most optimal days for EVEeing is!

Ship Fittings

Aw hell yeah, with some magic from EVE Online and PyFa, you can import/export fittings with ease and share them on the corp site with swiftness.
You assign the ship roles yourselves in a customized way and later you can add and reorder ships at your will.
This way, everyone in the corp will know what setup you want if you say, i want a "Cheap tackler"!
Process is then "Website -> Ship fittings -> Cheap tackler -> click -> DONE"

When browsing my code today (2016-02-13), i noticed that it really was a long time ago. Wondering if this code could be to use for anyone. HAHAHA
I have not played EVE in ages too, well when that happends again, it does. But if anyone would come across this information and shows interest in further development of this.
Most likely development from my side will pickup once i get to play EVE again.
BUT, in the meantime, my crappy and cluddery code will be accessible at github, feel free to contribute!

Github EVE CMS